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Garden Roses is the latest addition to the Style Roses family of websites. We’re an established family owned nursery of rose growers in the UK, specialising in top quality garden roses.

With over 20 years experience growing and supplying bareroot and potted Roses to the gardening public through mail order and nursery visits.

Our goal with  is simple, to provide an easy to use and understand modern website that makes it very easy to search for and buy garden roses for every garden situation, occasion or event.

We are a modern well run nursery who strongly believe in doing things the right and best way, much of our production is still done by hand in the time honoured and traditional way to get the best possible quality garden roses. It takes around 2 years to produce each of our roses, which are grown and looked after in our fields and Nursery located in Holbeach, Lincolnshire – where we’re happy to welcome customers to come to browse and buy from us directly.

Our Nursery is open between 9 and 5 weekdays and our Rose Field is open to visitors between June and October. Our roses are grown in the rich and highly fertile Lincolnshire Fen soils producing strong and healthy plants, which will continue to look great in your garden for many years, all you need to do is follow our simple aftercare instructions for continued success provided with every order.

We are always happy to help or advise with planting and your selections when required, so feel free to get in touch with us via our contact us page or by giving us a call on 01406 424089.

We really look forward to being of service and supplying you soon with our wonderful roses.

The Garden Roses Team

Top Quality

Healthy Garden Roses

We pride ourselves on supplying top quality healthy roses and providing personal and caring customer service, every rose is carefully checked and cared for whilst on our nursery beds, right through to the moment they are dispatched.

Almost all of our rose plants are repeat flowering and wherever possible between June and October we will send out varieties which are in flower or bud so the recipient can start enjoying their latest garden addition straight away, failing this they will re-flower later on and in the following years!

Decisions, Decisions

We have over 400 rose varieties to pick from!

We grow well over 4oo varieties of roses and work exclusively with a number of top class rose breeders from all over the world, and have many exclusive roses that you can only buy from us. We also grow the largest selection of Standard or Tree roses available anywhere in the UK.

Our garden roses are available throughout the year, supplying freshly field lifted dormant bush and standard roses as bareroot plants between November and March which are dispatched soil free, ready for immediate planting into your garden or a container, potted bush roses from our nursery beds including Climbing and Rambling types are available from us all year round and normally dispatched within 1-2 working days of your order.

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Long lasting garden gifts
Just for... them

Long lasting garden gifts

We have a large selection of gift roses available suitable for every possible occasion and offer the additional service to have your rose gift wrapped and/or accompanied with a personalised greeting card.

We’re usually able to accommodate next working day delivery – or you can schedule a delivery date in advance, meaning you’re able to sit back and relax knowing your order should arrive in great condition and on time with our reliable delivery service.

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For Something Special

Name a Rose

We do also offer a “Name A Rose” service, where you can select a brand new rose and give it a name of your choice.

It normally takes around 2 years from choosing to supplying you with the plants in November when we start field lifting our roses and if you choose a name which we think could be popular with the public, we will continue to grow and offer the rose to our other customers in later years.

Name Your Rose

Give them the best care with our

Aftercare Advice

With every order we supply our tried and tested our Planting and Aftercare Advice Leaflet, which provides you with a comprehensive list of how to best care for your roses.

Our bare root roses or dormant potted roses come with our plant replacement guarantee, meaning that if they fail to grow within the first year we will replace them during the next season.

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