Empathy After Plant Rose Food (1kg)

  • Contains Rootgrow (Mycorrhizal Fungi) which encourages increases nutrient and water absorption by roots.
  • Formulated for roses with essential nutrients.
  • Encourages plants to establish faster with more vigorous growth
  • Not a substitute for using Rootgrow at planting
  • 1kg package - Use 1-2 handfuls (approx 25-50g) at the base of the rose at each feed
  • Shake well before use


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Empathy After Plant Rose Food (1kg)

Empathy After Plant Rose Food is the ultimate choice to feed your roses with, roses are heavy feeders needing 2 to 3 applications throughout the year to keep them healthy, encourage more blooms and purer flower colouring.

This is a unique rose feed containing Rootgrow (Mycorrhizal Fungi) which encourages stronger, larger roots that enable the root system to absorb water and nutrients more easily. Note that this does not replace Rootgrow as a treatment at planting, and should be used in addition. The rose food also contains Nitrogen, Phosphates, Potassium, Magnesium, Auxins and beneficial bacteria to build up soil fertility.

Use after planting around the base of the plant, sprinkling 1-2 handfuls (approx 25-50g) around the base of each rose plant. Working gently into the topsoil and recommended to water well after to get the nutrients locked into the soil.

Apply in Spring and Mid Summer with an additional feed in late May for roses grown in Containers. Roses in containers are recommended to have 3 feeds per year as they do not receive natural nutrients from the soil, and roses planted within the ground to have 2-3 depending on size. 

Each kilo bag will treat up to 40 roses per application. Shake the bag well before use.

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