Rose Types

Weeping Standard Roses

Quite possibly the ultimate garden focal point - Weeping Standard roses are a fantastic way to add height and colour to your garden. With large clusters of colour, these are varieties that begin to cascade once they have no ground to support the growth and will trail downwards.

There are different styles of weeping rose, some are longer cascades that trail towards the floor, while others are wider heads that trail slightly. Both are equally as beautiful and dramatic as one another.

Weeping standard roses make a fantastic focal point when placed in a central border, planted down a driveway, in borders or large pots. Where planted in a container, they must be in large, heavy half barrel-sized pots to counterbalance the weight of the large heads. A stake and tie should also be used to ensure that the stem is protected from crosswinds.

People are often fooled into thinking that Weeping Standard roses are hard to care for, but they require little to no pruning - only shaping where required, they also do not require training to encourage trails, it happens naturally. Deadhead clusters through the summer to encourage new bloom.