Patio / Front Border

Patio roses are often thought of as being exclusively for pots, however they’re also able to be used in the front of borders or in narrow areas. Patio roses tend to be compact and low growing but still offer a lot of colour as small blooms form on mass and can offer a permanent alternative to summer bedding. Their compact and free flowering nature also make them an excellent choice for standard roses. 

Patio roses do not tend to have much fragrance to them, however there are a handful of varieties in our range which do, use the filters on the left hand side to find those which do if this is an important quality to you.

Patio bushes should be planted 60cm apart and are typically no taller than 60cm. Standard patio roses should be planted at least 90cm apart and will flower at 3ft (quarter standards) or 5ft (half standards).